Thursday, November 7, 2013

Spring in Pictures (mostly)

Spring is always a busy time for us, for you, and probably for every living thing actually.
And busy we have been.  Trying to find time to write has proved very difficult for me and I made it worse for myself when I severely reduced the amount of screen time for the kids.  I feel a little hypocritical sitting looking at a screen when the kids are around.  So that left me evenings but by the time all the kids are in bed and I have settled Jesse (if he could ever be settled) it was nearly 9pm.  Too tired to write and spend the all important time with my husband.  I don't know how people find time to watch copious amounts of TV!
But today is FRIDAY and in our house we make Friday part of our weekend, as Sunday can be a pretty busy day. Jamie is home, we don't do any formal school work. Its a day to catch up on any neglected housework, garden projects and just to be together without any pressure of having to do anything or be anywhere.
I love spring. I love the promise it holds of  the summer to come, the holidays to come, the space to enjoy the outdoors and being able to breath deeply in the midst of family and friends.  Bliss!
I just love photos of kids on fences especially when you have backdrops like this!!
Lots has been happening around here.  From new arrivals to preparing and planting the gardens, from building to cleaning.


Finally we have been able to keep the egg laying contained in one area. 

 For a good while our eggs were hidden in secret places. Gives new meaning to the term 'going on an egg hunt'. 
One of Jamie's building projects.  A pallet potting bench.
I think it is pretty fantastic if you ask me.
We have had power outages. 
 These are always an experience when you have got children around.  The just love to find EVERY SINGLE candle in the entire house and light them all and usually by that time the power has come back on.
This handsome wee man has started walking! 4 weeks shy of his first birthday he has been toddling around for a few weeks now.  To me he seems too little to be walking.  None of the others have ever walked that early.  Where has my baby gone?
 I always love watching babies and small people play. I love seeing the fascination of discovery on their faces.

Planting of produce is always an exciting thing.  It is many many weeks before the novelty of checking on seedlings  and their progress will wear off.

This year we have 13 Tomato plants in.  Is that too many?  I'll tell you come autumn I may have had enough of chutney making by then>
Looking forward to this years passion fruit crop. I am hoping it will be better than last years where I think we only got 14.  What should I plant along the bottom here?  Its a south facing wall.  I am thinking a crop of lettuces. Any other suggestions?
Super duper excited about seeing the amount of raspberries that are beginning to bud.  Hopefully we will get to them before the birds do (and I am hoping I'll get to them before the kids do)

 I am in love with my six climbing beans.  They all have names (don't pretend you don't name your plants too)
We have George, William, Harry, Charles, Edward and Andrew.
 Royal names for royal looking beans, all standing there like upper class gentlemen.
Seven cute and fluffy ducklings.  Mama ducks is fiercely protective of them.  we have since taken her away from them in hope that we can make them a bit less scared of us.  But look out if she catches you going any where near them.  Even if she is no where to be seen and you go near them she will come flying (running) at you flapping and hissing and quacking.  It is just a little scary.  I am pretty sure she thinks she is a chicken though as she sometimes takes to perching on top of the A-frame house (who knew ducks could perch) as she stands guard.
Even though summer is just around the corner our wood supply for next year is already slowly accumulating. Piles of wood is always reassuring to me and a makes me want a hot chocolate!
The promise of this years grapes.  We can't remember if they are green or purple ones though.  But our vines is heavy with them.  I love how the green leaves just glow making the grapes into something celestial. *sigh

Another one of my 'loves'. Unfortunately this climbing rose is climbing up the side of the garage where no one can really appreciates its beauty or its heavenly perfume.  I don't know what its called but I am pretty sure it must have a grand name like 'Jonathan Thomas the 3rd' or 'Sir Graham' or maybe even 'Lady Marguerite Rothchild' if it is a female.
Our front porch, just perfect on those summer evenings for sitting and supping on something delicious.

 Stella, the poor orphan cat from last year, gave birth to four cute wee kittens. I know all kittens are cute but these ones are extremely cute. So cute I don't know how we are going to get rid of them.
Outdoor play is just great after months of winter weather. Shorts and T-shirts are the uniform these days.
Our wee Sophie (4) just loves to dress up. The downfall being she must change her clothes about ten times a day which leads to a very messy room.
The ducks let us know when its time for morning tea by coming up on to the deck and looking in the window.
This NAUGHTY chicken is extremely bad.  She thinks far too highly of herself and believes that she should be allowed to reside inside!  On numerous occasions I have entered a room only to find her hanging out in the sun or exploring her seemingly new abode. 
 I have threaten the crockpot.
The sunsets here are just exquisite, nearly as good as the sunrises.  The leaves just glow as the sun drops low in the sky. 
Sights like that make everyday a good day. 
I will endeavour to get more writing down, not only here but on my book.  My battles lie internally about what to share and how much.  SO much of my writing never makes it this far as I am always a little dubious of sharing my life, thoughts and views.  I love to write. I want to write. And I am hugely envious of people that can write and hold nothing back, not caring about what people will think, how people might interpret what is being written or who might be offended.  Maybe I should just consider those that might be entertained, inspired, encouraged, informed, enlightened and just plain old interested.
Yes, I think I'll write for them.
Blessings to you all


  1. You take gorgeous photos!!!
    Keep writing........ You don't write to offend people, you write to share your thoughts and passions. And I find them encouraging, inspiring and reminding :) Sometimes we need to be reminded to stop and 'appreciate' what is in front of us.
    Be strong to be you!!
    Blessings back to you xxx

  2. Aaawwww man I just wrote a lovely long comment and managed to delete it... AWESOME! Anyway, in a nutshell, I think you're FAB! I LOVE reading your posts about your life - your plants and their names (my goodness you crack me up!), your beautiful children, your faith, your thoughts. PLEASE don't be afraid to continue to write for yourself, your family and friends who love you unconditionally. There will always be people with an opinion, negativity etc. but that's life always a bit dumb. But to me, unhindered honesty is so refreshing. And also encouraging cos it makes me feel somewhat normal...! Love you Miss Sharni and can hardly wait to see you and your family at C&J's wedding ARGGHHHH!!!!! SO EXCITED!!! Big virtual hugs for now - until you get the real thing in January ;) xxxx

  3. Hello mehn, I've been following your blog for almost 6 months now without leaving any comment so I decided to quickly say hi today, just so you know you've got a fan somewhere. LOL. Your blog makes sense to me just like, another similarly interesting blog that I'm also a fan of.

    Keep it up.


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