Tuesday, December 3, 2013

On wearing 'The Dress'

Just over ten months ago I embarked on a personal journey.  A personal journey fuelled by the internal need to 1) Not look like I have had 6 six children,
                          2) To be able to jump with both feet off the ground at the same time
                          3) To be able to walk up our driveway without losing my breath. 
The last two I figure should be a given when you are only 36 years old.  I amazingly accomplished all three goals in three months with hard work and determination.  I did not diet but changed how much I ate and reduced the amount of sugar where I could.  My love affair with food is far too great to ever go on a diet again.  For three solid months I exercised and followed an exercise programme laid out for me by the lovely Joy over at MassiveMotivation. I have to admit my commitment to exercise did wane a bit over winter months, but have since picked it up again but not to the same degree. I now exercise when I can and when I want to.  Which if you know anything about me, is bizarre because exercise and I have never really been friends.  But now it feels so G-O-O-D!  I still hate running.  I mean I like the thought of going for a run and the feeling I have after it but while I am doing it, I HATE IT!  Losing weight is not an easy thing for me and weight that I put on during pregnancy tends to linger around until if given a chance becomes a permanent thing.

I am happy with where I am now. 16kgs lost and 23cm gone off my waist and its good, very good. Size 16 or (still in maternity clothes) to Size 10. But its more than weight its about health and now I feel healthy and I feel strong, I feel good!

9 February 2013

I got the chance to wear the dress that was a goal I set for myself (an unrealistic one I thought).

 A couple of weeks ago we held an 'Oscars' celebration at church and I was able to wear the dress.  When I put it on my girls just thought it was the most "beautiful dress in the world" and I could imagine what Cinderella may have felt like. Not that I dress in rags in a normal day or have mice and birds for friends for that matter.
 23 November 2013
 Jamie and I
(the best husband in the world)
My Rocking Family!

Maybe some will say I am being prideful and perhaps I am.  Because I am proud of myself.  It was hard work.  It was at times painful.  And even though I had the help and guidance of Joy, the encouragement and motivation of my husband and Sister-in-law/bestie, but I did it!!
I just want to say that if there is ANYTHING, ANYTHING AT ALL that you desperately want, you CAN achieve it with hard work, sacrifice and a little guidance.

Please don't email me to tell me that I am not being a good advertisement for Mums and their post baby bodies and that I am making a issue out of weight/size.  This was my issue and I did this for me, no one else!  Its not my intention to make anyone feel bad or guilty.


  1. Absolutely fabulous!!!
    You should (and shouldn't feel bad to) be VERY proud of yourself. It's hard work. And your a busy Mum who put a little time aside for yourself, which is one of the best gifts you can give your family :)
    You look gorgeous!!!

    1. I couldn't agree more, Tash. Well done Sharni - you are an absolute inspiration and a total stunner in that black dress!


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